Thursday, May 17, 2007

For the Ladies Who Care

Over the years I have created websites, mailing lists. forums, chats, etc. - but none really for the ladies that we love and who care for us. It always seems they were kind of left out and yet we know that they are a very important part of this disease. It is difficult for some ladies to talk about intimacy between the lady and patient who has prostate cancer and may well be suffering ED because of the disease. Here the Ladies can (and do) talk about everything in a Forum format. If you are a lady or your loved one is a lady - help her help you by having her join this Forum.

Click here for information and joining the Ladies Only Forum. Now we have a Forum dedicated to those ladies who have a loved one with prostate cancer. Here the ladies support each other about the disease and the care for the patient as well as a discussion of various treatments. It is a on-of-a-kind Forum - the only prostate cancer Forum or Group for Ladies Only. If you are a lady and you have now or have had in the past a loved one with prostate cancer - this is the Forum for you. You can ask questions, discuss, hold each others hand, help others and learn about this disease.

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