Saturday, June 30, 2007

Vitamins and China

There has been information lately concerning contaminated Chinese imports of vitamins, supplements, prescription drugs, pet food, fish and various other food products.

The Chinese government has recently closed 160 contaminated food producing companies - probably only a small part of the total picture - the tip of the iceberg if you will. Unfortunately, I suspect these companies will soon be replaced by thousands more.

It is common knowledge that a large percentage of herbal products imported from China have contained other products including both prescription and non-prescription drugs. Some of the products have contained anywhere from zero percent to a far greater percent of the particular product listed in the contents.

For example, millions of dollars have been made on the sale of PC-SPES, which was sold to men to treat prostate cancer and found to have as many as 4 prescription drugs contained in the product. This was proved in numerous lab tests and the product was removed from the marketplace. We know the drugs _ would, in fact, treat prostate cancer whereas the herbal products included have no effect on prostate cancer. This was represented as a Chinese herbal medicine - it was not. According to expert Chinese doctors, none of the herbal products included would ever be used for prostate cancer in traditional Chinese medicine. It is believed many men have died as a result of taking this product. Currently there are million dollar lawsuits in the courts against this product.

Now, with the above in consideration, recall the recent publicity about the use of multiple kinds of vitamins which leads to a higher incidence of prostate cancer. It is as if the vitamins may be feeding the cancer. You can read more about this at Are Vitamins Killing Us? . I would suggest that you take the time to read it if you have not done so.

This is one time that I am looking for an answer that may not be forthcoming - certainly the two subjects above raised some red flags, at least to me.

Could it be the men in the study who were taking a large number of vitamins, etc. may well be using contaminated products from China and may well be contaminated with something that caused them to have a higher incidence of aggressive cancer?

Could the men, not in a study, be experiencing the same thing? Is it the mega vitamins we may be taking that is causing cancer to begin and causing more aggressive cancers of all kinds? Are these Chinese manufactured products contaminated with products that are causing the problem prior to diagnosis?

Is there a direct link to the above two findings? Is two and two adding up to more than four?

Maybe just maybe these two findings are something each of us should consider and perhaps not take vitamin pills or other Chinese products until the Chinese fix their system (which probably will not happen in our life time). Actually there is very little (if any) scientific evidence created in long term double blind studies that taking vitamins has any beneficial effect on our bodies.

Perhaps the vitamins we think we need are better supplied in natural food products and maybe it is in that food product where the combination of _ vitamins and other things that make the difference. The vitamins alone, in pill form, leave out many other benefits that may be from the combinations of ingredients in the foods themselves.

Something to think about!!!!